Monday, 20 December 2010

Space Frame Chassis

Over a number of years I have been working on an early 60's Sports Racing car similar to a Lotus 23.
The car was owned and possibly partly created by an Antipodean driver who went on to considerable European success.
Originally the car would probably have been fitted with a 1500cc Ford pre crossflow although it had a twin cam engine at the end of it's career.
Evolution toward a powerful engine, increase in chassis loads through mechanical grip and weight increase have all given the flimsy chassis a hard life.
The front section has some twist although historic repairs have aligned all of the critical suspension mountings.
section for removal
My intention is to keep the frame as original as possible, however the front had so many bronze weld repairs and distortion that I could not confidently leave this.
The lower water tube/chassis tube has frost damage and grounding damage, I have added a second wall to this as something similar was in position to provide the floorpan location.

Double skin tube

The mid section of the chassis has a design flaw in that a loaded compression tube adjoins an unsupported upright tube. I have provided a pair of gussets to feed the loads progressively and doubled up with a new section of tube.
I didn't want to rearrange this design as again it is part of the original design.

 I was hoping that we would fit a small engine for the chassis sake, if we do refit the Twin Cam then we will run with more period narrow "Wobbly Web" style wheels, this will reduce the cornering forces a little.

New section
Wishbone manufacture

With the seaside air the blasted chassis is painted as I go.

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