Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Oil pump driven gear location recovery.

Lisa's Lister. 1949 Lister D

I mentioned in the previous posts of the lady Auster pilot and her intrepid adventures. I may also have mentioned her many engineering adventures including making jet engines from turbo chargers and developing injection systems.
Well it all must have started somewhere.... Perhaps when an unsuspecting builder turned his back only to lose the Lister D from his perfectly good cement mixer!
And here is that Lister D having been systematically dismantled by a very curious 14 year old young lady.

Chemically cleaned and phosphate primed.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Sim Racing on PC, Real Drivers Connected via Internet.

 Turn off any thoughts of  "its just a game" and give it a look.
The cars use proven complex physics programs to simulate the behaviour of tyre grip, temperature, suspension movement, horsepower and torque, brake temperatures and balance, it is all there.Tracks are often laser scanned or plotted from GPS data, all interacting.