Monday, 13 December 2010

Douglas Handchange

A little while ago I made a hand change for this little Douglas. The owner sadly has a disability, limiting some of the use in his right leg. He is able to push the gear pedal down but unable to return it through the upward movement.

I have tried to keep the assembly as discrete and period as possible and made all of the fittings "clamp on" to allow the return to standard at any time.


  1. Eric,

    Very tastefully done. True form and functionality!

    Chris @ rocinante mecanico

  2. Chris, thankyou very much, I was worried about the "purists" but the main thing is that the owner can now enjoy his motorcycle again. Thank you for your blog btw, it has some excellent posts, I really enjoy it.

  3. Nice work! I'm sure that any purist worth chatting with would rather see the bike being ridden and enjoyed by the owner, than sitting in a shed without a little modification.