Tuesday, 14 December 2010

BSA Lightning Chop

This was my first proper road bike.
I bought it from near Cambridge and collected it in my then girlfriend's now wife's, 2CV (with the seats out).
We rebuilt the engine and stripped and painted everything. The hard tail was already in place on the original oil in frame front section. Forks are slightly extended and the rear wheel is 16". I repainted the tank British Racing Green with flames, more on these when I find the photos as they crazed overnight but, every cloud has a silver lining.
We made the very minimal seat and my friend made the fantastic leather saddle bags and cover.

She became my daily transport, although she did break the crank on the way home from work one evening. The amazing thing is that I pushed it the remaining 9 miles home! Even though I had RAC and a brother with a van.......Why did I do that?!!!

I've tried to find it since selling in the early 90's but no luck.

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