Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ernie Hoover's ride in the Wahoo

I have just stumbled across unlimited Hydroplanes.
Play this on full screen or better still, on to a big flat screen TV, turn up the sound and this is pure escapism!
Discovering these monsters rekindled some very distant memories of watching small Hydroplanes racing near my home on the Glos /Wilts border. I can clearly remember watching power boat racing later but the Hydroplanes would have been in the late '60s I think. I recall being intrigued by the tiny craft bucking it's prone, head first driver as they skidded around the spray drenched turns. Such beauty, combining fantastic mechanisms with the rich wood and copper craftsmanship.
An evocative, potentially tragic, passionate creation.

Look at the Miss Bardahl and the"Arno" Ferrari Hydroplane You Tube posts too.