Thursday, 22 September 2011

New Project, BSA C15 Trials Special.

This is a really nice project.
The owner of this '61 C15 would like a conversion to transform it in to a gleaming, jewel like trials bike.

Bit of a shame to pull her apart though.

What Hides Beneath?

This morning I stopped to walk my dog near to my old home area on the edge of the cotswolds. The September weather at it's best giving a warm wind and perfect clear air.

The quiet stream meandering it's way through serene English countryside in a timeless scene.......... And then I look back over my shoulder, there, unexpectedly but poignantly, among the carefully manicured paddocks, is a suggestion of some of the turmoil that this postcard backdrop may hide.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Brighton, Ace Cafe Run

Some nice bikes at Brighton today, couldn't go on my cafe racer because I had to combine the trip with collecting some work parts. Really nice afternoon and met up with an old friend out of the blue.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Online Bike Magazine "Sump"

I may have been a bit backward here, but I have just discovered this online magazine...Sump

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Delage DISS

Making new suspension anchor bracket and bushes.

Rudge Speedway

I have mentioned the lovely old Rudge Speedway bike that I have, the  following is a photo sent to me quite a while ago from Glyn, an ex speedway rider, who lives in the channel islands. I feel really ashamed that his surname has just gone out of my mind, obviously a senior moment. I will be back with it shortly.
Anyway,Glyn felt I would like to see Bob Jones (on the inside) riding his Rudge (the one I now have, I still feel it belongs to Bob) competing in a "Golden Greats" against Glyn, also on a Rudge. You will also see the little note written on the back of the photo. All part of this lovely old machine's history.