Monday, 28 March 2011

Workshop Atmosphere 4

I love being nosey in the background of peoples workshop photos.
This is my own shop, taken a while ago so it's all changed now.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

CIME Engine, Almost Complete

Lots of late nights over the last 2 weeks followed by a full day tomorrow should see this project complete.

192? CIME (Company of Industrial Motors et Explosions) started with a box of bits and many, many missing items. Now destined for a GN Sportscar from the early 20's.

Please see other CIME posts also.

Norton Racer

Look at this old girl, I found her today, just along the road from my workshop, casually leaning against a seafront seat in the lunchtime sun as cool as a cucumber!

She is an unrestored, 1968 Norton Atlas and is a genuine racer. Very, very, nice.

Roland Sands and Bell Helmets

Bell | Roland Sands Designs from Akira Chan on Vimeo.

From Rocket Garage Cafe Racer Blog

Thursday, 24 March 2011

VW Transform

How to transform a VW van to a stylish, luxurious camper in minutes.

This is a new concept, the brainchild of a friend who has a unit just a few yards from me.
The whole modular design can be removed or fitted in minutes, transforming that workhorse into a weekend adventure!
Have a look at

Workshop Atmosphere 3

Daimler Sleeve Valve (No 3) Photos

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Purbeck Cafe Racer "The Movie"

Today was a good day for a run on the Cafe Racer. From Swanage along to the Sandbanks Chain Ferry and to Poole for an ice cold bottle of Coke on the quay. On the way back via Wareham, I met up with the family, my daughter was driving and this was the result. Sorry for the poor film editing by me, but it will always make me smile. Perhaps I can post improved replacement versions as I get more used to this Windows Movie Maker malarkey :)

Lights....Purbeck Sunshine
Camera.... Bryony and Jacob
Action.....By the lady who fell asleep at the front of the chain ferry que
Driving.....Charlotte Frank, my workmate!

Freddie Spencer Explains Motorcycle Racing

Yes, Grand Prix bikes are fast, but click on the following for a demonstration of just how fast and this was the 30 years ago! Freddie Spencer Explains Motorcycle Racing

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Nifty Fifty

Today I have reached half a century!!!

Been having a great time, loads of cake, two were needed to fit 50 candles. I have a suntan now after trying to blow them out, didn't quite do it I'm afraid, three or four left after one breath.

I had a cool card, modified to show Charlotte and Jacob and Benjie the dog, out for a ride in a sidecar, not sure about the scooter though :)

A new watch; with big numbers for my failing eyesight and a cool BSA shirt just like they wear in Brittown, thanks to "Meatball" (yes thee Meatball from the film) and all at Hell On Wheels website/blog.

This is a happy day for me, but my thoughts still go out to the people of Japan...

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Workshop Atmosphere 2

Toppolino begins rebirth:

"Racing Dept." Logo

As I am hoping to have the sprinter run again this year and with the addition of the Cafe Racer, I thought it would be ok to have another logo to suit this stuff. I have adapted a design that I painted on a leather jacket last year.
Number 37 is significant to me so I thought I would produce something with the lineage of my existing Historic Engine Co logo.
This is the proof version that has just arrived from the sticker company: :)

My thoughts continue to go to the people of Japan....

Friday, 11 March 2011

To Japan

I know that I often have visits to my Blog from Japan.
I would like to wish all of my thoughts and support to those who have suffered from the devastation of the terrible Earthquake and Tsunami.......

Thursday, 10 March 2011

New Blog from Spain

I have found the following new  motorcycle blog, some nice videos and I think it is growing into an interesting site.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

CIME Engine Progress

Little and large, alongside the Daimler Sleeve Valve

Idle gear redesigned

Oil pump gears 10% deeper,new shafts and spacer plate.

Oil pump test and bedding

Twinline Motorcycles

Motorcycle video trailer weRwinning

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Commuting BMW R80 Cafe Racer?

Over the last few months I have been thinking about my personal transport situation.
Every week I have a two or three day commute to customers premises of 650 to 800miles on A and B roads, for this I use my BMW GS1150..... Woh! don't turn off please, I know many thoughts of the whole BMW GS culture and I have witnessed some "attitude" for myself on the road and in some forums, but please understand that on a dark winter night, with storm debris and mud on the road, feeling cold and tired leading to the taking of all slow corners in 50p shapes like the worst motorcyclist in the world, I really can't think of many more suitable bikes.
However, I now have over 50,000 mls on the GS and she is in such dire need of an extensive suspension and brake overhaul.
The trouble is, at the current fuel prices, it will cost me a fortune to pay  fuel costs on my car and only the most modern small cars will come close to the fuel consumption of the bike. I do not have the inclination to buy a modern small car just to commute.
Well, the only thing for it would be to buy a cheap temporary commuting bike. Before long I found myself looking at "Airhead" BMW's. EBay is full of these for around £1500 to £1800, fully serviced and with relatively low mileage. And I can fix them because they are my technology!
Then I began to think (well for the last 25yrs actually) that they make a nice Cafe Racer without too much work.Perhaps I might convert one after using it as a commuter for a month or so.
So the outcome of all this is that I now have and old R80RT Airhead, Cafe Racer (bought unseen on E  Bay, from a really honest and helpful guy in Somerset and ridden home on a damp misty night with no trouble).
 I didn't quite stick to my plan as this one was already converted and the basis for a rolling "work in progress" project. Not quite suitable for 800mile commutes but I think I will be able to cope with it for a few weeks, the bars are just standard items dropped right down, so I can always use these the right way up if it gets too much. After the commute period  I will fit some proper clip ons.

The point I am leading to, is that I have just been having so much fun with this low budget bike.
On the days that I work in my own nearby workshop, I use the Cafe Racer, always taking the long route and arrive with a wide grin.You know the type of ride, extra throttle blipping to change down as you pass through the narrow "acoustic" streets. Hah! even made an old collie dog, quietly cocking his leg against a bin, jump out of his skin and leap forward, jerking his half asleep owner at the the other end of an over extended lead!
Work is really busy at the moment so I can only take an odd hour in the evenings to work on the bike.
I am only a few days away from fifty, and found myself sawing off the silencers at the joint of the megaphone section, just like a teenager! But hey, now she sounds gooood! Unless you are a collie dog.
So far I have changed the front mudguard for a small aluminium item, silencers removed and now waiting  to make some reverse cones for the end of the Mega section. Service items, removed the wheels, sort and tidy the fittings and check the brakes before painting the wheels in Satin black. I also scraped and rust treated the corrosion in the swinging arm and frame. Finally, for the moment, some general cosmetic and the addition of a flyscreen (ex number plate from my old grasstrack bike).
The next stage is to make some little alloy pegs and to paint the tank and seat in light cream with two retro black stripes bordered by deep red pinstripes.
By then we should have some better commuting weather so the GS will be off the road for about a month.
Having ridden this little 800 which seems tiny compared to the GS, I am now thinking that the GS may be replaced by one of those loved old E Bay Boxer tourers with panniers and fairing and that would pay for the Cafe Racer and allow me to keep it :)...

Thursday, 3 March 2011

To the Guineamobile!

LegoJacob: To the Guineamobile!: My young son has this on his blog, I just had to post it on here. These are some cool guineas.
He has a guinea pig too, so guess what he is building!