Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Aston Martin and Wolseley Projects

1937 Aston Martin 15/98

Over the last month or so we have been attending to all of the little details that always take far longer than expected. Work has included some bodywork cosmetic correction. Provision of a doubler section to accept the "quick fill" fuel filler. Windscreen and wiper fitting and dash wiring and bracketry finishing and altering. Also the provision of a gearbox access to reach the dipstick and filler as we have made a cover for the previously exposed gearbox. The dipstick was too difficult to release in the limited access so a little loop has been soldered in to position, one of the typical little finishing details that seem quite insignificant but are actually just as important as the big items.

Mid 30's Wolseley's

Here we have been providing oil pipe work for the oil feed of the new cylinder block. This has included the making of patterns from original fittings to enable new items cast in bronze.

We also have a rebuild of a second engine underway, early stages include the removal of the crank and bearing housings or "cheeses".