Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Re Visit Of A Daimler Sleeve Valve Blog Post

Having lost many old blog photos from a technical fault, here is a re visit of this popular post.

 The engine is mid 20's. It required a strip and inspection and "do what we could" within a limited budget and even more limited parts supply ...within that budget.

1/16 " Sleeves each has a white metal outer coating!

Manufactured Rings

Mini Crank (cam) to operate sleeve conrods. 1 for inner and 1 for outer sleeve.
Each rod has a white metal bearing!

Oil pump, one plunger per dip tray and one for timing chest.

Drip tray hinges away from big end when throttle is released giving a very small "lick " at low revs.... not so good for coasting perhaps?
The main bearings are totally splash feed, something to bear in mind when starting after a long period of sitting dormant.

Long overhang of the flywheel and the drive train loads make the rear main bearing work hard. However, It is unfortunate that this overhang and a flexible flywheel (when not fitted with the heavy pressure plate), are easily lifted with a long lever during impromptu inspection or engine manoeuvring and this gives the wrong impression that the rear main bearing has worn badly even though it may have minimal wear.

Small "Wills" type rings collapse into groove. The second sleeve valve engine in the blog, used small individual head gaskets, it also had an oil pump and pressure fed crank.