Sunday, 27 April 2014

This Piece Of Copper Pipe Moved!

Wow did I jump when i reached across the bench without my glasses on!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Delage DISS

As the engine has been built prior to a 40 yr storage period, it had been just a case of checking over. This particular big end cap had shims fitted, there is a locating dowel and small lip along the inner edge of the cap to locate the shim during assembly, unfortunately one shim had become trapped in the lip at some point of assembly. It will be easily rectified but if it had been trapped during the machine boring stage of the white metal bearing, it would mean that the clearance against the journal would be reduced if reassembled with the shim in position.

There are 23 valve train components (prior to the rockers) per each cylinder.
All beautifully made by Delage.

Perrot Shaft assembly to transfer the braking force from cable to brake shoe cam, whilst accepting steering and suspension movement. Interestingly there are hardness test witness marks on even the most insignificant steering and brake parts, a reflection of the engineering quality.