Wednesday, 20 November 2019

0 to 628mph / 1010kmh in 50 seconds

Some Further Wolseley Hornet Autumn Photos.

Exhaust System (Tailpipes not yet trimmed to length), manifold to have further attention before painting.

Passenger side heat shield.

Perhaps the competitors view?

Heat shield mounting boss being bronze welded into position. The second "lozenge" shape mounting, ready to bronze weld on to the back of the Brooklands Can, can be seen in the background.
We will also weld a threaded Lambda sensor mounting bush discretely into position behind the heat shield, to allow an occasional monitor of the mixture.

Making exhaust mountings ready to bronze weld to the back of each Brooklands Can where a bolt and post will travel through the body skin to pick up with a bulkhead mounted bracket; avoiding any loads through the aluminium body of the car.

Engine breather catch tank and fittings.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Autumn At HEC

It has been a busy and eclectic autumn period here at the HEC.
Here are a few photos to illustrate some of the work:

Wolseley Hornet: 2 litre capacity breather container fabrication to comply with RAC competition regulations

Wolseley Hornet Exhaust: passenger side "Brooklands Can" heat shield, as light and efficient as possible:

Wolseley HT Lead conduit:
(please ignore temporary modern fuel hose to pump)

Porsche 944s. Attention to a few paint details before continued re-commission and engine peripheral work:

Triumph Dolomite. The beginning of a great Journey, we will enjoy this!:

Morris 8, Carburettor service as this little car will be in regular use throughout the winter.
We built the engine about eight years ago, it is always nice to see it out and about along the Dorset coast on a regular jaunt. Sometimes old is better, what better way to travel along the Dorset coastal lanes and cliff top picnic.. even in winter!

Morris Minor
(Pre War)

Replacement of very worn hubs: