Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tether Cars

Scarlett Rikard wrote an article in her brilliant eclectic and all too short lived "Dirty Magazine" about tether cars. This article caught the eye and imagination of my 12 year old son, Jacob.

Shortly after he was off down to the local carpenter with a shopping list for some Ash or similar sections and how could I say no, the magazine did exactly what it was meant to do "Inspiration and creation".

Jacob had seen a picture of a simple Aero Car sitting on the bench by the side of an older gentleman, the sort of person that you could sit and watch and learn as his interests and spirit overflowed, at home in a workshop full of distracting mechanisms and creations.

By coincidence I had been offered a box of old aero engines shortly before, these along with a couple of engine that I had salvaged from a cousins chuck out pile over forty years ago..... I new they would be usefll someday!

Well between us we have created this rather hurried little car, reflecting slightly my current surge of interest in the American Sprint car racing.

Fitted with Jacob's Scooter wheels and some random trolley rear wheels. A 70's Webra 1.5 Diesel engine, complete with that lovely castor oil smell!

There is a really good website for this sort of thing http://www.onthewire.co.uk/contacts.htm and a particular little uk club The Retro Racing Club, can be found in the contacts page.