Thursday, 30 December 2010

Sidecar Days

AMCA Sidecar-Cross with my brother in the 80's.

I am the passenger, although I raced solos I couldn't drive this thing for more than 10yds without veering off.
 I remember swapping places mid practice, trouble is we were on a cambered straight. As we roared along gradually running off the track, I pinned my brother undercover of the front shield as rope stakes went over the top like Exocet missiles. On ordering me out of the driving seat he demanded "why didn't you shut the throttle?", my famous (within the family) reply was"cos it was good!".
The outfit really responds to the passenger position. As we became tired, I was bad for dropping on to the seat behind my brother too soon in right hand turns, this would give him a firm rap on the knuckles by the corner post, :)
Again in right hand turns and tired, I found that I would be inclined to wedge by legs against the chair wheel arch whilst sitting on the bike behind my brother. This had the effect of transferring the high corner forces via my legs to the outside chair wheel and lift the driving wheel, much better to make sure I dropped myself over the seat well down on the right side of the bike and lift my legs clear.
Borrowed KTM outfit, we did well on this, but I still love the Norton engine.

The bike is a Norton Wasp, 920 ex Commando engine. At this time the big fourstrokes were dying out as the 500 two strokes became dominant. We generally finished mid pack.

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