Sunday, 26 December 2010

Flat Spin

The video below is a scary example of  a bad day and how problems can multiply.

The entry to the spin is intended, the throttle is closed and the height is maintained by raising the nose and allowing the speed to decay until the wings lose lift and stall. The delicate straight ahead stall is deliberately upset at the very last stage, causing the aircraft to enter a spin. Normally the spin would be recovered to normal flight after 4 or 5 turns......not in this case, the nose is not in the expected low position causing the aircraft to spin in a more flat posture. Normally spin recovery procedure enables e planned  exit at a nominated height......perhaps 2500 to 3000ft.
 I totally admire the composure of this pilot. When you hear him say "this is it" he is absolutely meaning the end. But he didn't give up, he saved his life and saved himself from serious injury. I think he just clipped a wire fence in the last moments.

I'm sure the engine is VW based, although the failure is, I understand, to do with fuel problems due to the nature of the spin.

See what you think!

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