Thursday, 19 December 2013

BSA C15 Spl

Finishing cosmetic, mudguards to follow after a rework on the paint suffering the effects of cold and damp when spraying.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Morris 8 Tourer.

Little pre war car in for fuel tank removal and chemical clean and engine top end overhaul.

Delage DISS Oil Pump cont..

Making new oil.pump recovery sleeves to fit into the machined housing to recover gear location and provide an accurate gear position.
Test the assembled unit for an hour or so, checking at intervals

A D Sportive

Continue suspension parts manufacture and commence prep. for the engine rebuild

Lister D cont

Continue cleaning, prep and painting with a Phosphate primer.
Interestingly the valves seem to have been assembled the wrong way around. The valve stamped ex. Is in the inlet and vice versa. Some D engines had the carb and exh in the opposite orientation. This is one of those but it seems that hadnt been realised during valve fitting. Doesn't seem to have.harmed anything though.

Aston Martin 1937 Hood Irons.

Recovery and repair and making new hood iron sections including laminating Ash strips.
Inc before and after photo. The condition of the irons has been a reminder of the condition of the car when I first viewed the boxes of parts.

BSA C15 Faber Spl

Continued finishing touches over the last few weeks. Include chain idle wheel/guard spacer. Brake torque rod finishing and fuel tank and.mudguard painting, still requiring final dress and polish.

Brake torque rod.

Rear wheel spacer, sleeved with steel to resist repeated compression from wheel tightening.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Oil pump driven gear location recovery.

Lisa's Lister. 1949 Lister D

I mentioned in the previous posts of the lady Auster pilot and her intrepid adventures. I may also have mentioned her many engineering adventures including making jet engines from turbo chargers and developing injection systems.
Well it all must have started somewhere.... Perhaps when an unsuspecting builder turned his back only to lose the Lister D from his perfectly good cement mixer!
And here is that Lister D having been systematically dismantled by a very curious 14 year old young lady.

Chemically cleaned and phosphate primed.