Saturday, 1 September 2018

iRacing : Grand Prix Legends - 2018 S3 - Round 12 - Circuit de Spa-Franc...

If you like "real world classic grand prix cars", try to sit through this video as much as possible to enjoy this race, this isn't PlayStation or Xbox, this is laser scanned Spa and cars with simulation physics modeled from the real thing as well as tyre behavior models created with assistance from the tyre companies.

The drivers are all ages, many are mature ex racing and / or contemporary racing drivers.

The whole package comes together with some very amusing close racing.....Give it a look if you can. You may enjoy it..

If you would like a go, you can buy a used wheel and pedals for under £100. The wheel gives active feedback, which with a little time, hones the missing seat of pants "feel" to your palms and your brain does the rest!
You really can feel the back "step out" or the car go light.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Turners, Talismans, Rochdales, Fibreglass Sporting Car FUN!

Last week I was very fortunate to have been given custody of a particularly rebellious orange Rochdale for the day!

Richard, the owner of the Rochdale Olympic, in his "HOT"cammy Tornado Talisman, Alan the Fairthorpe owner and myself had a great fun, 100 mile drive to the Cotswold Wildlife Park near Burford... appropriate place to meet more fibreglass animals!

Despite the wet... perhaps not a bad thing at all for slower speed "sporting".... the hundred miles whisked away as fast as the rain drops dashed from the screen of this incredible, streamlined little Olympic. Not a care at the super light doors devoid of such heavy things as windows, we sliced through the Dorset air along Roman roads without the slightest buffet or wind noise. Although I did make a mental note not to park the wipers to the right as that did make an excellent water deflector.... into my lap.

It was not without some trepidation to take someone else's car 200 miles and in the rain that we had needed for so long with the consequential extra slipperiness after such a dry period.
I needn't have worried.. Richard seemed to have confidence in me as he sped ahead in his superb sounding Talisman, the sound and performance belying the 1500cc engine.
Actually, that became quite a theme for the day... The engines: Tho' they be little they be fierce!
 Almost all of the cars illustrate that, small budget, home development, smooth flowing "plastic" curves
 equal: a great fun factor!

The Olympic was wonderful, quick, agile and nimble. The clutch and gearbox work in harmony the motor spirited and willing despite Richard's remark of being a little tired. Visibility is excellent with that wrap around streamlined windscreen and yes a very clear side view helped with the absence of door windows.

With virtually no wind noise and buffet, the cockpit revels in the ambiance of an untrimmed, unmuted little sportscar, nothing unpleasant at all, I could have added another two hundred miles to the day without too many breaks. Just a quick moment for a coffee and enjoy the aerodynamic statement of the Rochdale sitting, waiting...and then back into the reclined bucket seat and the connection of me and the car as I wrench down on the four point harness.

All too soon the 100 miles was up and we arrived in time as Richard, ever full of energy, organised the parking and layout, importantly thinking of the photographs to be had, he made sure there was order but no supermarket parking, we need to see the full lines of these Ducklings who have become Swans of the Rocket age!

As you can see we had a great representation of the wonderful interpretation and freehand creation that the then new fibreglass product opened to people with vision and aspiration.
Even the nearby Camels gave a grunt of approval before turning with a spit toward the modern car herd on the other side of the field!

We finished the day with a great introduction to the Turner car and the most organised and knowledgeable group that support these exceptionally successful little cars (with competition history far beyond the company size).

Finally on to Fiennes Restoration Ltd for a small tour of their historic Rolls Royce and Bentley workshops. Thank you to Fiennes Restoration for this kind opportunity.

The return Journey was every bit as much fun as before.

 Wet or dry the Rochdale made me smile and become a very audible third party commentator: as he.. "threads through the essess and sweeps up the hill, he's got the handle of her now alright... look at him go..."

Thank you Richard and Alan.

2 stroke Berkeley


Falcon, supercharged

Buckler, in family since '61

Gilbern Gt's



Martin Body

Richard ..Respect!

Friday, 27 July 2018

A Summer's Day In The Life Of The Historic Eng Co.

Here is a day with the Historic Engine Co.

No management, no "just in time", good companions.

This morning..

Mid morning

This afternoon

This evening

Chew the day over with your mates! (full screen video required)

                                         And all over again tomorrow... Ho Hum

Friday, 20 July 2018

'26 Delage Days, Summer Roads

Over the last two weeks we have seen this 92 year old beauty in it's appropriate environment ...... Shady summer country lanes.

We have been running and adjusting here and there, brakes and small oil leaks but just small jobs so far.

All quite different from 5 or so years ago when she was the sum total of several tea chests, gathering dust since the 60's

"To see two videos one after the other in playlist form click this"

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Chateau Impney Hill Climb (Pre War Classes) 2018

You may have noticed the machined sprocket in an early post below, at 09:15 you can see the relief of this urgent repair on Hornet!

Monday, 9 July 2018

Late Spring And Early Summer.... Two hornets!

Wolseley Hornet special engine progress;

Change of technique from this early machining idea.

Although simple, this gave me a second check that I had machined the same amount from each piston before cleaning and assembling into the block.

Further clearance of combustion chamber to piston prior to assembly of new block

The old piston style.

Dummy piston during an early clearance check and machine jig set up proving, "1st off" (too expensive to experiment with new pistons.

The gudgeon pin is restrained by a collar and stud in the centre of the jig to carefully nip the piston on to the skirt mandrel. Further light pressure is applied by the hard nylon, counter bored cap and centre.

Preparation prior to assembly work, the piston enters from the top and the conrod from the bottom.

Old and new pistons, sharing the same gudgeon pin for dimension checks.

Tail light prep and rear mudguard prep.

With the "short" engine in place, some further alteration and linkage work in and around the bulkhead and pedal area as well as rear mounting finish drilling and footwell clearance.

Delage DISS, finishing and preparation, MOT passed and now roadtest and finishing work.

This adaptor will allow us to monitor the required torque to rotate the crank at various intervals as the miles increase. You may remember the engine was built in the 60's / 70's but the white metal bearings are quite tight on clearance, we can now monitor for even a slight increase in resistance with a good quality dial gauge type torque wrench. Hopefully taking any guessing out of the equation.

Oil filter modification to accept a modern paper filter without destroying any original fittings.

We opened the filter in this, but the new item will stay complete and slot in place.

The original put to one side unaltered, can be refitted in place of the new assembly for period correct, show use.

Delage material is slowly decaying as crumbling threads 
begin to highlight.

And now another Hornet, this time Duncan Pittaway's /Tim Harrison's,  marvellous special.
 Just the week before Chateau Impney, she slipped the crank sprocket on the left hand '26 Harley JD engine.

Jacob did a very quick measure of the crank taper and a dummy crank nose section made, followed by a very thin Nickel Bronze wash on the sprocket. A remachine and a little bluing and lapping, new key and away with Tim to a full weekend's racing at the lovely Chateau.

If you were wondering about the body.. there isn't one! I love this car..

 We are certainly very lucky in the idyllic locations that we work.
 Brakes, clutch and lighting on this lovely Landie S1.

Speaking of locations, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire are equally as beautiful,
Have tool box.. will travel!

Hotel Hi-Lux...."You can check out anytime you like; but you can never leave"..

Not our work this time.
I mentioned before about Hugh Murray Restorations in Glos area. This is the lovely finished oil tank and a few newly made complimentary items, not all from the same car but very photogenic..

GN, Bugatti and Salmson.