Sunday, 26 December 2010

Brittown DVD

I have just watched the "Brittown" DVD that my daughter gave me for Christmas. In my view, this is an excellent, inspirational documentary film.

It rates for me along with On Any Sunday and Old Indians Never Die for just sitting and watching and escaping. It also makes me feel proud to be part of the motorcycle family.

Although I guess the film is on a considerably lower budget than Any Sunday it still manages to deliver a visually fantastic representation of ordinary everyday (albeit talented) people enjoying the lifestyle and adventure of a slightly edgy, fringe, artisan and creative way of life. Nothing extreme here, but something many of us can relate to.

The opening scenes and soundtrack had me sighing "well even if the remaining 70 minutes is junk, it's still been worth owning this DVD". Well the remaining 70 min were just as cool.

If you are only in to modern efficient motorcycling then you may not see the appeal to this film. Otherwise I just can't recommend it enough.

Thanks to Scott Di Lalla  and Zack Coffman of "One World Studios" for giving what will become many "85 minute" injections of pure inspiration.


  1. Great watch Eric, love The Faraway Boys part of the soundtrack. An enviable lifestyle one might wonder.

  2. Yes absolutely, next step is to get the soundtrack cd.
    Hope you had a great christmas. BW Eric.