Monday, 25 December 2017

Autumn and Winter 2017

Thunderbird Tribsa

Nick's Hot Rod 32 Ford Birthday Cake!

Anthony's Lamborghini

Wolseley Hornet Cont'd

 Put to Bed For The Night ....If They Could Talk?...

Hornet Engine Preparation

Welcome to Jacob, Our New Apprentice, Mounting the Hornet Into An Engine Stand.

Cylinder Head Preparation.

Making Longer Outboard Aero Screen Posts

'59 Turner 950s Chassis Corroded Tube Replacement.

Turner Trailing Arm Replacement (Original in photo). The edges will be formed to a return and welded back to back, the teardrop section is an addition, as the originals had cracking adjacent to the large boss.

Richard has brought so many delightful, unusual cars on visits this year... thank you Richard and friends!

This wonderful Falcon has a Formula Ford 1600 Xflow engine..

And Below, Swanage Fire Service "Gumball Rally" after cakes of course..

Rebuilding Corroded Land Rover Defender Doors.

Alvis Grey Lady, Now running and waiting for delivery.

Grey Lady Distributor, we have machined a replacement distributor drive pin oversize and reamed the location to suit.

Air Silencer / Filter Housing Modified to Accept a Modern Peugeot Filter

The Original throttle Idle Horn had a very worn and a repaired post that was restricting smooth operation. We thought it best to ream the horn and make a new bush to suit, then to make a new post to allow smooth full operation.

In and around the workshop.

350 Bullet Royal Enfield Service.

New (Old) works truck, It is now Maroon and Cream with a black bonnet (see Jan 25th 2018 post) .... very Nascar!