Monday, 17 February 2020

Mid Winter Workshop

Busy through the winter, here are some snapshots, more to follow:

Triumph Dolomite.

Chevrolet Truck:
Window wind mechanism and Waxoyl the inner doorskin.

 Wolseley Hornet, final engine modifications and details including a modification to chain guide in Tufnol material; some further attention to the beginning of a crack in the cast iron drive housing for the water pump and oil pump skew drive assembly. This demonstrates Eutectic Metalspray equipment designed for this type of work. It allows small precision deposits of material to the damage area at a relatively low temperature for a "hot" repair. The crack is then reinforced internally with a bronze sleeve machined and lightly pressed with Loctite.

Breather oil catch tank located beneath the supercharger on the side of the engine.

Final setting up work with very careful spline dressing, engineer's blue and end float adjustment.

Below picture shows the modified Tufnol chain guide, hidden and camouflaged to the right of the picture with the chain against it.

The water pump drive shaft had the end section removed for some reason? We have set and machined a suitable slot to accept a steel "tongue" to be silver soldered into position and provide the water pump drive.

The Detroit Slot Car "Genius Garage kids STEM programme".

Introducing young people to engineering fun!