Monday, 13 May 2019

Archives 1

Although this is a little of a mixed up subject matter, I was going through some of my old boxes of photos and thought it might be of interest to post some of these, I will continue with further Archive posts as a series.

Here are the first few:

From about 20 years ago, a 30's Lagonda V12 rebuild, quite complex.

And about 18 years ago, with Charlotte's help, the resurrection of a 1927 Salmson 7 AC from T-chests and sacks! 

And below, nice memories motorcycle racing on my KTM motocross bike, a Weslake grasstrack bike and the same 500cc Alcohol Weslake engine, having made a sprinter frame to suit NSA events. All taken in the 80's. 

Above picture is during a "Children in Need" special night time floodlight event.

Foxhill GP track

Santa Pod

Spring Work Progress

Wolseley Details

Seat attachment to allow quick removal for access to service points in floor hatches.

Front panels and bonnet fitting up including fabrication of fittings etc. as well as provision for a little teardrop bulge to clear the carburettor. Attend to footwell pedal clearance and brake pedal position; providing a steel doubler to compensate for the reduction of some wooden frame to clear the drivers ankle! There isn't too much room for big feet!

Choices of ammeter not including the late Lucas.

Looks like a car, just a few tweaks to the shotgun exhaust system to follow.

Headlamp repair

Remote battery cutout, with protection shield in position.

1380 Mini, new Cylinder head (this car is a Shelsley Walsh Champion)

Mazda Mx5 NA (Very good emerging classic).
Rear weld repairs, rust treatment and suspension overhaul with new Bilstien dampers and the return to standard top housings.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Wolseley Hornet, Ever Closer.

Some further photos of the progress in no particular order, more up to date ones to follow shortly.

Theatrical Glow!

 Dynamo has been "Growler" checked, rebuilt and tested.

Guess what I forgot before going for painting!

Little guide wheels machined to direct the handbrake cable away from obstructions.

These were able to rotate slightly on their head location causing a bit of backtracking for me.

Providing a crankshaft radii clearance on the front sprocket.

Floor service hatches and battery cut off cover.

Hand brake cable guide wheel manufacture.

 Felt edges

Horn push possible ' 20s Depose manufacture.

Cam I.O (inlet opening) , IFO (Inlet fully open) and IFC (inlet fully closed) positon confirmation and notation of the vernier adjustment range for all future slight timimg change options.
We are using the single chain at the moment just for ease of fitting and removal.

Alignment adjustment for protruding carburettor.

Seat fittings fabricated.

Fabricated floor centre, boards and fittings

Electrical battery cut and removable cover.

Centre console section before painting.