Saturday, 1 September 2018

iRacing : Grand Prix Legends - 2018 S3 - Round 12 - Circuit de Spa-Franc...

If you like "real world classic grand prix cars", try to sit through this video as much as possible to enjoy this race, this isn't PlayStation or Xbox, this is laser scanned Spa and cars with simulation physics modeled from the real thing as well as tyre behavior models created with assistance from the tyre companies.

The drivers are all ages, many are mature ex racing and / or contemporary racing drivers.

The whole package comes together with some very amusing close racing.....Give it a look if you can. You may enjoy it..

If you would like a go, you can buy a used wheel and pedals for under £100. The wheel gives active feedback, which with a little time, hones the missing seat of pants "feel" to your palms and your brain does the rest!
You really can feel the back "step out" or the car go light.