Friday, 15 June 2018

Aristocratic Monster In The RAC Pall Mall.

Friday, 8 June 2018

A Few Weeks In The Life Of The Historic Engine Co..

As well as Triumph Gloria and Delage DISS finishing and some time at Fiennes Restoration, here are a few other bits and pieces.
It doesn't show; battling stuck clutch and brakes on a winter stored Morris 8, sticking clutch on a S1 Landy, more Landy brakes. Enfield 350 with no sparks, Jaguar Mk II with no battery charge and post war Hornet charging problem. It certainly is a busy time at moment! All very interesting though.

I'd Like to ring time on this one....20's Morris Fire engine intermittent ignition fault is proving a challenge.

Wolseley special over the last few weeks, coming together, fitting the high (er) compression pistons has required some deep thought and careful machining, I breathe a big sigh as I remove each piston from the lathe..
Hopefully the engine will be going in to the car over the coming days.

Jacob having his first close encounter with a W. O. Bentley... now he is bitten!

Not really Historic Engine Co.. but sort of if you look closely at the "25" car sponsorship..

Some Oval slot cars getting ready to return to Missouri for a fun proxy oval race. All parts are scratchbuilt.