Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Alvis "Grey Lady"

The following pictures are of a very fine 1955, 100 + mph,  Alvis "Grey Lady".
Sadly this much enjoyed car arrived with a little tell tale "knock" on occasional start up and running, despite a healthy oil pressure. The owner, very wisely, felt it should be investigated a little more. Unfortunately the bearing shells are quite worn and several journals too. The oil pump will require an overhaul as well as a few small details to attend to within the engine. The cylinder head is in very good condition after a lot of hard work by the owner of this lovely car.

Initial investigation with a bore scope and an externally pressurised gallery to show any abnormal clearances highlighted by copious oil flow from the offending areas.

Very fine metallic sludge in the sump. 

Timing chain at the rear!

Turner 950s Progress

Wildlife Nest!

Steering rack after dismantle and overhaul.