Monday, 20 December 2010

Lagonda 2Litre

The following two Lagonda 2 Litres are early 30's or late 20's.
 I helped the owner to rebuild the car that is parked outside. As owner of this car since attending the Imperial College in London as a student (he is now in his 70's), he is a very able and innovative engineer, constantly developing the car within the VSCC rules for circuit racing and hillclimbs. He will think nothing of transporting a bride to a Saturday wedding in the morning and then drive long distance to a circuit, strip lights and wings and scrutineer the night before the Sunday's racing.

The Donkey exiting right is Freddie Jay!

The second car required a fairly major engine rebuild, you can see the typical water jacket contamination of the block. The cam arrangement is unusual, it has separate inlet and ex cams along the side of the block. It is tricky to remember when timing that the chain driven cams rotate opposite directions to each other.
The port routes are quite surprisingly poor as they travel through 90 deg up into the head. There is an aftermarket head that provides a downdraft port arrangement.
I may be wrong but I think that I recall W.O Bentley had a major input into this design.


  1. There's a suprising amount of meat between those bores.

  2. toddy, thanks for the comment.
    It's funny how you take things for granted.
    I hadn't really thought of that
    I think it is due to the wide main bearings compared to bore size?
    BW to you

  3. Wonderful job on the restoration - the engine looks magnificent in that last shot.

  4. Stefan, thank you, the grey background colour of the engine makes quite a difference. This is a nice period for design aesthetics and I love the mechanism of this period.
    On another subject, do you use a particular sketch tablet when you work with Art Rage and similar?