Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A D Sportive, Space Frame Racing Car Similar To Lotus 23

I have been working on this car for a very long time (embarrassingly).It is one of my favourite projects.
It has UK racing history during the early '60's.

Charlotte filling in the many unwanted drillings.

the very rough front cruciform frame is to be replaced with the item made in the jig, time is being taken taken to measure and build a suspension position jig first.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Motocross Days '83 to '85

Some of the following photos are from my early days of motocross, injury shortly after these removed some of my consistency in results, these were the best days!

KTM 495, great for long start straights!
Camp in Glos...
The "monkey" in the chair is me.
Slip sliding at Brookthorpe
Best meeting ever.....very successful day. Rockfield, Monmouth
Purton Wilts..
Good day at camp,although I missed out on three out of three as I relaxed just before the chequered flag thinking I had a gap from the second place man! He had other ideas.... where did he come from!
Bryony in WW2 army jacket, dungarees and Wellies!

Racing with Brian Scone, he and I had some great battles, Brian was an old scramble rider who wouldn't use me for grip if I fell in front of him....where is he now?

Useful "pep" talk from brother Mike and very quick rider Tim Stoneham