Thursday, 4 April 2019

Wolseley Hornet, Ever Closer.

Some further photos of the progress in no particular order, more up to date ones to follow shortly.

Theatrical Glow!

 Dynamo has been "Growler" checked, rebuilt and tested.

Guess what I forgot before going for painting!

Little guide wheels machined to direct the handbrake cable away from obstructions.

These were able to rotate slightly on their head location causing a bit of backtracking for me.

Providing a crankshaft radii clearance on the front sprocket.

Floor service hatches and battery cut off cover.

Hand brake cable guide wheel manufacture.

 Felt edges

Horn push possible ' 20s Depose manufacture.

Cam I.O (inlet opening) , IFO (Inlet fully open) and IFC (inlet fully closed) positon confirmation and notation of the vernier adjustment range for all future slight timimg change options.
We are using the single chain at the moment just for ease of fitting and removal.

Alignment adjustment for protruding carburettor.

Seat fittings fabricated.

Fabricated floor centre, boards and fittings

Electrical battery cut and removable cover.

Centre console section before painting.