Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Flat Track Adventure, Yamaha XS650 Special

Racing moto cross on KTMs, enduring enduros with state of the art KTMs, long distance adventures on big V twin KTMs...the list continues. Time for Jim to get a new bike...an 80's Yamaha!
Why the change?...Well perhaps Sideburn magazine and Dirt Quake 3 UK begin to have a bit of an influence.

Elbow to elbow, head forward and eyes locked on to the first bend and the starters flag, Jim is astride his latest acquisition, hastily prepared to make the first of many transformation steps from road cruiser to flat track fugitive set in a moment to become a battle hardened, dirt oval, sideways racer in DIRTQUAKE 2014!

 Now Jim's fledgling racer sits in my workshop for the second of many evolution phases.

Estimating perhaps an equivalent 1hp gain for every 10lbs in weight loss this XS is in for some weight reduction. Removal of the many unwanted road bike brackets and fixtures will start the process. Footrests will be reworked to save considerable weight and re positioned to tuck up out of the way.
Wheels will be changed to spoked items suitable  for the correct 19" Flat track tyres.
Handlebar controls and throttles are to be replaced and the quick removal of the front brakes will be facilitated.

New carburettors and Boyer ignition will provide an initial step up for the engine, closely followed by a bespoke exhaust system to exit to the right hand side.

The story will continue as we follow Jim's Yamaha transition from XS to classic Seventies dirt racer destined for Dirtquake 2015 and  DTRA 2015 (Sideways 60 mph and no front brakes)!

Beginning Of A New Project... Wolseley 15hp Special

Over the last few months parts have been gathered toward something new.

Here we have the early stages of a very exciting and spectacular new project.

 Based on a Mid thirties Wolseley 15hp, this car will be a typical two seat, period looking racing and road going car with a rakish open wheel slim body styling that would be totally at home in a pre war Brooklands paddock.

It is expected to have a period supercharger, period racing brakes with aluminium drums and as you can see many new and uprated competition engine parts.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

BSA C15 Spl

As you have seen on previous posts we were involved with a little C15 that has been transformed from an ordinary little workhorse to a glamorous competitor!

The frame is an Otter copy by Faber, wheels, tank, mudguards, forks and airbox came from Avery products near Southampton.

This project is absolutely full of "one off" items.

It has been gracing the Wiltshire countryside through the summer although we do need to alter the top oil feed conversion a little through the winter.

Aston Martin 15/98

Having arrived from an exposed Welsh location in a number of boxes, here she emerges from a cocoon of many workshop years on her way for new upholstery having had a little initial road test. A more in depth story of this project will follow as not too much has been mentioned on the blog to date.

Delage DISS

Here are some sample Delage photos, more to follow: