Saturday, 20 November 2010

What's on the go?

Some of this weeks workshop projects:

The C.I.M.E. engine had a fairly primitive oil system which has shown some evidence of premature wear in the rear main and the rockers.........if you can say any wear on an 80 year old engine is premature!

As the revs will slightly increase and perhaps.. hopefully the horsepower, we thought it might be prudent to upgrade the oil system within the spirit of the period.
You will see from the photos that there is now a provision for a direct oil feed to the rear main (see older post photo), an oil feed to the rockers has also been set up from the Oil Pressure Relief Valve. The steeply angled pipe is the return from the rockers, necessary because of a deep trough around the valve springs and guides. This usefully feeds the additional quill shaft and bush assembly to drive a water pump (not previously fitted) from the timing chest.

The '59 Mercedes 220 engine was quite a quick turnaround for me. Fairly straight forward, you can really see the ease of assembly for mass production as opposed to the pre war engines that I normally deal with. Brilliant engineering and top quality materials throughout.

And finally some of the evenings this week have seen some more cosmetic paint and body work on the "Outlaw Racer"

Machining new castings for brake linkages. This is a really difficult job as far as charging is concerned. These casting have most likely been made through an Amilcar group. A problem that often occurs when the original parts are used as a pattern,  no allowance has given for shrinkage. It is then really difficult to set up the rough item and machine a datum that will allow as close to the original centre position as possible. And even more difficult to charge the cost of that set up time.

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