Monday, 8 November 2010

Pre 65/75 Grasstrack

I wasn't sure about posting this video.
It is set in Coley near the River Severn sometime in the mid eighties.
I borrowed a friends BSA Starfire 250 Grass bike.
We developed mag problems which you will see deteriorates as each session and the meeting progresses. Finally it gave up on the line in the third race (qtr final).

I am not sure about posting for two reasons.... 1. It is not a particularly good performance from me, put a motocross rider on a grassbike......(quote from Any Sunday movie "yeah I can do that...") and stand back for a laugh!
2. The quality is atrocious
However it was such a fun day and who knows just may make someone dust off the old girl in the corner and have another not the missus!

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