Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dorset vs New York

Some figures published in a national paper made me smile and raise an eyebrow, just a quick comparison between my home county and New York:

New York population 22m                                   Dorset 700,000
                 10,194 per sq km                                           159 per/sq km
                 12.5% over 65                                                29% over 65
 Famous sons Jay Z, Frank Sinatra                    Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall,T Hardy
Tourist Attractions. Empire State, Statue of         Chesil Beach, Pirate  Adventure        

Sure is quiet round here, I guess there is no chance of the "Sex in the City" Girls coming here....not for another thirty years anyway.

Still a great place tho!


  1. Ha ha - but surely Sandbanks is even more exclusive and "cool" than Manhattan! Give me the good old British county anytime. I wonder what the statistics for Cumbria (my current home)look like?

  2. I think Corfe Castle would be worth including as an attraction (but then I haven't been to 'Pirate Adventure')

  3. Yes I can see a new series "Sex In the Castle" with Jessica whatshername :)
    I can imagine Cumbria being even more remote,lovely place too!
    I really love the English countryside, I travel up through Salisbury most weeks on a motorbike and it is magical, many places feel ancient especially with the autumnal mists low in the fields. Harold Penrose (test pilot and author) described the mist around Salisbury like a discarded wedding veil.
    Thanks for looking in on my blog. Best wishes BCB and Stefan.