Sunday, 21 November 2010

Outlaw Racer Paint

Some more pics of the Outlaw Dirt Track Car.

I didn't mean to go quite as over the top as this, may be too much but I will carry on with the rest of the body and see how it looks. Changes will add to the effect I am sure.


  1. What a stunning looking car - great job on the painting too. Glad I found your blog - it looks jolly interesting.

  2. Stefan, thankyou so much. I have actually just e mailed you before seeing this comment.
    I am really pleased you like it, after discoverig your blog last night I very much appreciate and respect your thoughts.
    Best Wishes.

  3. Thanks Eric - I haven't received an email though. I do hope very much to one day get the chance of sketching your outlaw racer. I don't suppose Dorset is all that far away from here (Mendips) - I thought at first you might be in the States.

  4. Ah - just spotted the comments on the earlier posts - thanks. (You might find it easier to view the car drawings on the flickr site where they're all in one gallery).

  5. Love the car very nice.
    A lot of very interesting things on here.