Sunday, 14 November 2010

Photos and Sketches

Just going through some old files and thought I would share these random pics that I enjoy.
The painting/ sketches are of bits and pieces that encouraged me to find out my pencils and brushes.They are not particularly good but once I get going on paper or with clay it is brilliant for forgetting the bad bits of the week.
The first is a Maclaren steam plough engine that was converted in the thirties I think, to a huge diesel of their own making.
I was riding to work on a Monday morning about this time of year when this great monster loomed out of the autumn mist in a field adjacent to the road. I found real inspiration and tried hard to keep a picture in my head. This is an unfinished (as usual for me) pastel sketch. Bit wonky but hopefully captures a beast and some character.Just looking at it now I think I should sketch in some bushes around the terrible wheels.

The next is a self portrait from Waterlooville club meeting in about '88. The bike is a 500 Antig Weslake.

And Stirling Moss in a Mercedes, laid back and relaxed as always:

The next items are just cool random pics. I can't remember where they came from so sorry for not giving due credit. (I will correct this as soon as possible or remove them if necessary)

This Peerless is similar to the Green Dragon that a larger than life character and speed king,
Barney Oldfield raced.
I will post more on Barney Oldfield soon.

Some more sketches:

The following consist of two paintings that I have plagerised from Gordon-Crosby.
An unfinished scene from an early morning start to take the world diesel speed record by JCB, I stopped on this because I really want to catch the early morning sunlight hue on the vast salt flats......but I'm too scared to cock it up!

The next picture relates to the American outlaw car (see elsewhere in blog). When I started collecting parts for the car and placing them together I thought I would create a comic strip false provenance for the car's history, this was fun with my young son. Trouble is it takes an age, having written a storyline and "script" and created the drawings I realised I couldn't fit the script into the available space. Impatience took over and I went ahead with a severely chopped script that barely makes sense. The story was meant to continue with further instalments. The car is called the "Wisconsin Marine Special." You will see the full size one taking on it's identity in a short time hopefully.

Don't know anything about trains, but nice mechanisms to sketch.

Some Clay sculptures:

The sidecar represents the days shared with my brother racing off road.
There is a representation of Thrust II landspeed record car, Spirit of Ecstasy. A broken George and The Dragon and a plasticene '20s dirt track car

And some more paintings. One with a knife, the '61 Shark nose Ferrari, another unfinished..too scared to tackle the wheels on this Riley Gamecock  (I was involved in restoring the real car). And finally a painting of the Burt Munro Logo.


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