Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Morris 8 Engine.

A few months ago I posted about a little '38 Morris 8 that required some axle flange recovery work.
We also took the engine out and stripped it to assess serious water in oil contamination.
The block was seriously cracked behind two liners and toward the tappet chest. Normally I avoid "hot" repairs because of the problems it can cause, even when carefully brought up to temperature and careful reduction of temperature in a controlled manner. However,we had little choice but to have this fairly major welding work.
This has been very professionally completed in Derbyshire, and the block presented back in spotless condition ready for cleaning and painting.

Unfortunately, test fitting of the crank and cam has revealed that there is a slight misalignment from distortion.
I am not overly worried at this stage as I think we can lightly line hone to recover. I do have to check the individual bearing bores to see if it is local.
This sort of thing would not have been such a problem on a white metal bearing engine, as new bearings would be line bored. This engine has modern style thinwall bearing shells so we have to work within the running clearance limitations.


  1. Toddy, thanks for your support. Close look today shows that the bearings are a previous mod and they are all at their lowest clearance so that will give me some leeway to hone the housing or polish the crank a little. Also checked and stone dressed the housings to remove any burrs.
    Credit to the welding specialist that the distortion is held to a minimum.