Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Frazer Nash "Chain Gang" Transmission.

I thought I would share the following pre war type, chain gang transmission.
This one is on a 160+hp 2000cc Bristol 6 Cyl  FN Special and is competitive with some ERAs.
As you can see, no diff, just loves to drift!
Lot of maintenance but pretty reliable even in fierce competition events.
The Main sprockets are fitted to the solid axle on a keyway.
Ratios are selected when the selection "Monkey Plate" shifts dogs into mesh as required.
The propshaft runs into a bevel box which drives the dog shaft. Prop rotates at engine speed!


  1. I was looking at one of these just yesterday. Beautiful aren't they. I'll have a going at drawing it one day.

  2. Yes, I really like the mechanism of these cars. They have become extremely valuable now,but just 15 years ago they were enjoyed by many young owners.
    Very best wishes to you.

  3. Beautiful! thanks for sharing. The basic operation seems a lot like the early Scott 2 speed motorbikes, but with extra gears.