Monday, 7 February 2011

Evolution? "Fight or Flight"

Has anyone experienced the effect of a big adrenalin hit when you have a near miss or similar danger?

I always suffer with really sore legs as the adrenalin spasms the muscles with a supercharge dose. I guess that's preparation to run away:  " Flight!".

Well on Friday, on my way to a customer on my bike,  I was cresting a little rise on the B4000 road between Newbury and Swindon, only to be confronted by a large truck on my side, he moved out of my way but not before.......Bang!, an adrenalin hit followed by the familiar discomfort, but this time it was in my right  (throttle / brake) hand!

Is this "EVOLUTION"? Are we transforming and evolving into a motorcycling species? ~:)

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