Thursday, 10 February 2011

Midget Racecars

I really like these cars and often daydream that someone will come into my workshop and ask me to build one.

I can't think where I collected these from, I apologise for not making correct acknowledgements and credits.
I do remember mention of the period logos being hand painted.. very skilfully.

The following video is from a vintage speedway site, plug the speakers in for this!


  1. I love these old midget cars - There's a book by my friend Derek Bridgett on the midget cars that were raced at Stoke. It's on Amazon here - - Apparently the first Skirrow cars were built in a garage in Ambleside in the Lakes. I wrote a bit about them in a book on Speedway in The North West. Not many of these Skirrows are left now I'll see if I can dig out some photos and links and pass them on to you... This is a midget car racing forum that I'm subscribed to ---

  2. A mate of mine is building one, the engine is a v8 60 with twin strombergs and weiand heads.

  3. I just saw a neat one last weekend. They look so damn good, like they are going 100mph when standing still. I put a photo or two on my site.