Friday, 27 August 2010

Two inspiring videos

I would like to share the two following videos.

 The Potteet Hot Rod is full of inspiration for me.
 Cars created by "Rolling Bones" represent an icon of speed history through the early post war years.
It is strange how, compared to a typical VSCC special, you would think that a Saloon or Sedan family car would never be an aesthetically pleasing car by removing the bonnet / hood or removing wings / fenders and lowering etc.... But this is such a perfect car, as are so many of the traditional rods.
This is a video that I often play in "loop" mode and drift off to sleep at night, helped by the dreamy choice of music, well two tracks at least!

The video of the Mors is also an insight into such a raw and brutal machine, again capturing the appeal of putting a huge fire spitting, chassis flexing engine into a primitive and very light chassis. The engine is a Curtiss OX5 ( I think) normally at home in a 20's aircraft, barnstorming it's way across midwest America.
The whole "mechanism" of this car is so appealing!

Hope you enjoy these as much  as I have.

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