Sunday, 29 August 2010

Long Distance Trials

Sun 29th Aug 10

You never really know what is around the corner.

Whilst cleaning the upstairs of my workshop I picked up an old, unused, entry form for the Lands End trial. Reluctantly throwing it into the bin with a resigned tut! That was just a week ago.

Having previously competed in single day, long distance trials, I have for a long time harboured  the thought of competing in one of the historical long distance trials that are so much of our motoring heritage.
Trials such as the famous Lands End, the Edinburgh and the Exeter Trial.

I had always expected that I would compete on a motorcycle as that would have been a forgone conclusion.

Meeting with a friend over the weekend suggests that I may well be doing one of these events but on four instead of two wheels!

He has an amazing little car that is very much in the Lotus 7 family but shorter and a little taller. The "Troll" was, I understand, one of 19 or so made in Somerset, England.
It is fitted with an ever faithful 1600cc "x" flow Ford engine and I think much of the transmission and rear axle is also Ford with perhaps the addition of some MG items.

The chassis is a light weight space frame, the front suspension uses wishbones and coil over Spax units.
This car isn't fitted with individually operated "fiddle" brakes that are sometimes used to allow traction and turning aid.

Removing the detachable steering wheel and sliding into the tight snug seat I instantly feel secure and very much at home....although I will not be in this seat, I am destined to be the movable ballast and bouncer, as well as part time navigator and perhaps stand by motivator!

Looking forward to the winter!

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