Sunday, 8 August 2010

C.I.M.E Engine.

The C.I.M.E engine has been a particularly interesting project.

The engine is built by the French "Company of Industrial Motors and Explosions". (what a name for an engine company!).

Dating from the mid 20's, this engine is destined for a GN cyclecar of a similar period.

We started with boxes of bits from four engines (this is probably a very large percentage of all the surviving engines).

Careful selection and contemplation over many hours has produced an engine that is nearing completion.
There are a few details to finish including the manufacture of some new gear journals in the timing case and completion of the modifications to the oil feed system.
All modification we carry out, will always be in keeping with the spirit of the particular period. This means absolutely no Nylock nuts or plastic oil lines etc.

The pictures show the engine during the current dry build. This is the first time many of the new components have been fitted.

The bearings are white metal, pistons are made from my drawing by JE Pistons.... very good service and quality too!

I have just collected all items from balancing. The clutch arrangement on this has been particularly finicky to balance.

The pistons and rods are all trial fitted. Big end bolts tightened to a particular stretch and clearance re checked.

Currently the clearance of the oil return scroll in the front cover and the gear journal to cover clearances are being checked and dimensioned.

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