Sunday, 22 August 2010

A Story to Smile At....Coventry Eagle.

Fifteen years ago a workmate told me a good story that I would like to share:.

 He was attending a Merchant Navy engineering college in the late 70's, many of the young students were using FS1E Yamahas, Honda and Fantic 50cc sports mopeds.

Just as the "scooter boys" of today I can imagine they felt pretty "top dog" and invincible.

One particular lecturer used a Coventry Eagle, V twin, very similar to a Brough Superior.

As he rode to college he would always have a pipe on the go, protruding from moustached lips beneath the pudding basin helmet and goggles. The bike would lope along lazily on it's daily route, whisking him along majestically to his destination. But of course, this lazy loping machine also has a powerhouse heart, just waiting to be stirred...

As a frequent mischievous episode, the moped perils would come alongside, hunch over the handle bars in a racing gesture. They would taunt and then roar off, gesticulating at the "old boy"on the "ol bike" of course showing  him how to really ride!

Except this day, the old boy loped along, the perils staged their predictable theatrics and roared away.....but approaching a great speed of 60 or 70, they were shocked to turn and see the Eagle alongside!
 The dead pan moustached face leaned across a little, the pipe casually removed and precisely tamped on one FS1E handle bar to empty a few embers. Then replaced in the shadows of the pudding basin.
 A staccato effortless exhaust roar later and the Eagle was far ahead, was that a wave from its majestic rider? Certainly he raised his hand to acknowledge something!

That night tucked up in it's familiar shed, surrounded by newspaper cuttings, dusty trophies, faded leafy laurels and oil soaked benches. The old Eagle slept a little more contentedly.


  1. great story! thanks for sharing it.

  2. Thank you, BW for the new year to you!