Tuesday, 14 September 2010

New Project! 500cc Racing Car.

Over twenty years ago a workmate and friend pulled up outside work and called me to come and look at his new project. The 500cc racing car that was sitting on his trailer was just perfect, I really envied his find.

In the beginning of this year that same friend remembered my appreciation of his little car. He went to the trouble of tracking me down, even though I had now moved 130miles away and had shamefully lost touch with so many of  that group.

I couldn't believe that he was ringing to see if I would like his car as I had asked for first refusal all of  those years previously......... The answer was an immediate yes!

Very little had changed, mostly in similar condition to the last time I saw it ,but with an addition of a few more boxes of bits and some more wheels.

The car's history is unclear, although it is said to be similar to a design by J Walker in the mid 60's.
The old photos are thought to have been taken in 65 to '67 and we think this is in the Malvern area. There are no photos of the body although the JW4 Specials were very attractive. The engine bay has been altered to accept a four cylinder 600 engine and the wheels and tyres would be more suitable for that modification.

It is my intention to bring it back to a very similar appearance to the car in the photos although I may build it with a speedway Jawa engine to begin with.... cost is a limitation and I have a suitable, although slightly out of period,  Jawa.


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