Thursday, 16 September 2010

BSA C15T and Ural Outfit

Before I can start the 500 car I have to finish this 1962 C15T 250cc trials bike.

I bought this project last winter.
It is not quite standard, as can be seen by the tank but it will still hopefully build up into a nice bike. The engine is almost ready to fit.
Not too long now to finish. May be just in time for the new year mud.

The C15 and 500 car are my own projects so they have to fit in around the customer jobs.

I also had a visit from a Ural outfit (my wife really wants one of these for herself). I really like the rugged timeless nature of this bike.
This chap once had a bearing instantly fail in the gearbox and lock up at 50mph...Scary.

We do take the unlikely event of a gearbox lock up very lightly, but it doesn't bear thinking about on a solo at higher speeds.

I mostly ride with two fingers on the clutch, just in case of engine seizure, of course that is no use in a gearbox failure.

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