Saturday, 18 September 2010

Chance Meeting

The last few weeks have been very busy, mostly with finishing projects and trying to meet deadlines........"deadlines", what a horrible word to a restorer!

The other side of an ending project is that "hunger" of another project to keep the work coming and and of course the finances afloat!

In amongst all of this I had an incredible chance meeting that I was amazed at, but also became the point of real disappointment.

My one and only, "star" follower by chance travelled to Bassett Down Balancing and very cleverly put two and two together on seeing my bike with Historic Engine Co stickers on at the same premises.
"Quaffmeister" came along to me and introduced himself, well you could have knocked me down, what a coincidence!
The trouble is, we had the briefest meeting as I was just meeting a new customer and sorting out lengthy details. Having been delayed in my trip to meet the customer I had been 20 min late and so already felt quite awkward at keeping him waiting (he had travelled 80 miles and had been on time!).
I wanted to meet and chat to the quaffmeister and had suggested that I would be finishing my meeting very soon, famous last words! Sadly I missed my chance.

I then dropped my computer and from there all organisation and communication went out of the window.

After all of this I deeply regret that I seemingly "stood up" the Quaffmeister, something that is not at all in my nature.
I am really sorry for the situation.
On top of this we had corresponded, and a collection of Brtitish Ironworks stickers arrived literally the next day, my own stickers in return woefully late:(

Quaffmeister, I am genuinely sorry for all of this and hope to have the opportunity to make a fresh meeting some day.

If you hav'nt already, please check out his cool British Ironworks site for a very readable and inspiring blogspot.

Smart British Ironworks Logo on my w/shop front window.

And on my bench, thanks Quaifemeister!

Thank you for the stickers.

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