Saturday, 25 September 2010

Lagonda V12 and Engine Design.

Quite often I am asked, " How do I know what goes where?"

I realise that the question is not always so sweeping and that of course it should be my job to know. However when an engine that is slightly different from the norm or is a little more complex arrives totally in bits with some items missing and often some items that are nothing to do with the engine, it can be a bit challenging.
I do have something in my favour though. That is, many of the original designers travelled or influenced through many of the prestigious leading companies. W O Bentley, Tressiliyan? (excuse spelling), Rowledge,  Henry, Miller, Bugatti and of course Henry Royce are to name but a few.
Each of these often have their distinct areas or distinct methods that have been copied and reflected through the engines of the period  that I specialise in.

Below is a Lagonda V12 engine that I rebuilt many years ago, it is said to be a prototype or pre production engine. As usual it arrived in bits, but there before me is the design of W.O Bentley and perhaps a little Tressilyan valve design etc.And as so often all very elegant.

Just like a crossword author becomes perhaps predictable (so I am told), then many of my decisions are made for me!


  1. Eric, does the rarity of some of this kit ever worry you?

  2. Quaffmeister, Yes it does, I try to account for everything, I colour code all parts in the w/shop so that my family can make a quick reference should anything happen to me. Insurance cover is adjusted as and when I need to for the duration necessary (NFU are really helpful here). Having said that, I try to treat all the same,as I am sure you can relate, that bit of M20 in the corner is just as valuable to an owner as the part for a Rolls Royce Phantom in the other corner.
    The scary ones are those that have a real national history, many of those cars remain at the owners premises, it helps me sleep at night! :)
    Thanks for the support, btw I saw an Enfield Bullet Chop at Beulieu Jumble and thought of you, sadly had left my phone/camera in the car.