Thursday, 28 April 2011

Morris 8 Engine. Contd

Through the past week I have been able to almost complete the late thirties Morris 8 engine.
As previously mentioned the engine had a large amount of internal cracking behind the dry liners.
I normally avoid weld repairs almost totally, but this was an exception as we had very little alternative. The problems with welding a block of this age can be severe. Some will crack further, even under controlled temperature changes, some will contaminate causing poor welds and sometime areas of extreme hardness that will then cause machining problems. However all of this doom and gloom was not to be, through Formhalls Vintage and Racing Engineering near Downton, we had the block specialist welded. Formhalls machined new liners as necessary, new valve guides and reface head, block and valves and seats. All worked out really well, although, there was a little misalignment or heat effect on the housings which made the crank and cam a little stiff to rotate.
Close measurement of individual sections allowed a combination of polishing and local dressing to correct this.
Also you will see the recovery of some historic damage to the rear seal carrier using "Metalspray" equipment.

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