Monday, 18 April 2011


I am very fortunate to be involved in this lovely 1926 Delage DISS project.

I am sorry, the second photograph is not this Delage as I had thought. However, it is a very similar body.

This is the first stage of my part, the car has been owned by the same family for many years, many items have already been restored perhaps 40 years ago. To be safe we have to backtrack a little.
Here I will (photo to follow) be cleaning and paint stripping to inspect thoroughly for any sign of cracking in critical areas. It also gives an opportunity to assess the paint thickness, durability etc.
Interestingly there are some signs of a mid grey /blue paint colour on the original stub axles.

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  1. What a gorgeous car and what a fantastic project! It would be great to hear more about it and to see some more pictures please :o)