Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Iso Bizzarrini

I am really lucky to have such a variety of work. Although most of my time is with pre war cars, sometimes I come up a little newer.
This fantastic machine has been taking some of my time this week although I can't claim to be doing a great amount, just some machine work in the drive train.
The car is an Iso Bizzarrini from approx 1964, fitted with a race tuned Big block Chevy producing something over 500hp.
Last year gave me the opportunity of a test drive after some mechanical work. What an amazing experience!
As you would expect it shoved me into a world of huge torque and noise, this raw barely refined racing car filled me with a particular smell similar to an old American aircraft, gave me a hint of claustrophobia and shocked me with a "rat at tat" of small road chips that have been ripped away and flung in to the minimal wheel tubs by those huge, sidewall straining tyres stretched against oversize rims.
But above all it was the pure nostalgia, spirit and history that overwhelmed by senses.
This car is straight from those sixties motorsport magazines and movies like "Grand Prix"and "Le Mans", those posters on my 1969 and 70's bedroom wall and even those early "Herbie" films.

More photos to follow as the car is rebuilt. Full details of the company responsible for this project will also follow.

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