Saturday, 1 June 2019

Wolseley Hornet Spl Progress

A few more jobs from the finishing list. Including two engine photos from a little while ago that had been missed.

The following photos show piston ring and piston fitting, the engine had been deliberately assembled without the rings and circlips to carry out a trial test for different cam timing intervals and piston to valve clearance.
 As the rods have to come up through the bores, which are too small to clear big ends; followed by assembly of the pins and pistons in situ, any repeated removal is a little tricky. The wire circlips are so tight and easy to distort that I couldn't risk removing them should I have to further machine to alter the piston, which of course would require removal of the piston and mounting into the Lathe jig.

NPR (Nippon) piston rings were supplied with these pistons, they seem very nicely engineered.

This photo shows a little "funnel" guide tool that I machined to help the fitting of the wire type circlips without distortion. The tool enters into the circlip location to register and then the clip is pushed down the progressively reducing internal bore of the guide until it exits into the groove...still a fiddly operation.

Fabricating front axle torque reaction bars to stop the axle tucking under when braking.

Exhaust fabrication by Dave Tyler, he is such a craftsman along with his son Liam. Great attention to detail for performance as well as aesthetics. Dave was particularly interested to make a "shotgun" system of dual pipes on a Hornet.

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