Monday, 10 June 2019

A New Arrival: Peugeot 401 1930's

Here we have a new arrival for possible restoration / refurbishment, initially upon the engine.

The car has a fascinating history, starting life as a Paris Taxi serving through the wartime occupation,  finally being converted and used up until relatively recently as a farmer's truck.

If only it could speak, what wartime tales could be told!

As you can see some work has been carried out toward the preparation and white metalling of the main bearings, waterways and machine surfaces. We also have new pistons and a re-bore to suit.

We are now evaluating the work ahead in preparation to begin the process.

A number of years ago I restored the engine and gearbox of a Peugeot 601, it is amazing that this engine is near identical.. less two cylinders.

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