Wednesday, 8 February 2012

80's Sprint Bikes

Some 1980's photos of sprint bikes and people that were a direct help and inspiration when building my own.

Cant remember this one but I cheekily stole some dimensions from the photo before building my own.

The photo at the bottom is of my friend Trevor Ireson, he helped me more than he will know. Great spirit, great rider, great engineer and innovator.... I was very lucky to have him around.

The Jawa engined "Sledgehammer" (below) was awesome. Pete LeGross created, in his words, "a scary monster that he had to ride". He was right, the effect on the ground and your eardrums, of a highly supercharged, nitro fuelled single cylinder, straining at the reinforced clamping bolts that held the engine together, was terrible. Pete really had me watching with held breath as the term "Armageddon" comes to mind.

Thanks to the same meticulous attention to detail that he maintained in his day job as an air traffic controller, I don't remember too many failures. I am sure I remember 9 sec runs and around 155mph in the 1/4 mile!

And of course the pink Triumph built and run by Odgie, Odgie still continues to inspire

Trevor Ireson.. the best.

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  1. The Anthill mob Triumph, now that was a cool bike.
    I was speaking to Odgie about that bike last summer, its still kicking about but in bits here and post love it.